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Home Health Care

Home Health Care

Unfortunately there are many people who need constant care but do not need to be admitted to a hospital all the time. For people who need care outside of a hospital, home health care may be worth a look into.

Home health care is a service administered in the home for someone either recovering from illness, is disabled, or is chronically or terminally ill. Many people are more comfortable recovering in their own home than in an unfamiliar hospital. Often lingering psychological conditions because of an illness are better benefited by a low stress, familiar environment, which can be accomplished by being in the home rather than in a hospital.

Home health care is a good option for those who are terminally or chronically ill. This provides them the comfort of their home as well as the round the clock care that they need with their condition. Home care can provide these people with the medical care they need as well as helping them perform or accomplish daily tasks within their home that a hospital stay or their condition may hinder them from performing.

Home health care is also an option for the disabled who need help doing chores around their home. Someone is able to come to their home and help with chores that their disability may prevent them from being able to do or that puts too much of a strain on them.

It can also be used for someone who is released from a hospital but recovering from an illness or injury at home. It can temporarily provide help with housework while they are getting better.

Home care mainly allows those who need or want constant care to get that help while staying at home and without having to go to a hospital for the services they need every time they need them.

There are numerous places that one can look to for home health care services. These can include: home health agencies, hospices, homemaker and home care (HCA) agencies, staffing and private-duty agencies and independent providers.

Home health agencies generally mean that the provider is Medicare certified, which means the agency has met the least federal requirements for patient care and management. These types of agencies are generally employed by those who require some type of skilled home care services.

Hospices are commonly made up of a team of skilled professionals and volunteers who provide care for a terminally ill patient as well as support for his or her family. Types of services that can be offered include medical, psychological and spiritual care. The majority of hospices are Medicare certified and licensed by state requirements.

HCA provide homemakers, home care aids and companions who help patients with daily task such as meals, bathing, dressing, and housekeeping. Some states require these agencies to meet a set of standards and be licensed.

Staffing and private-duty agencies are commonly nursing agencies that supply patients with nursing and other companion services. The majority of states do not require that these agencies be licensed or to meet certain requirements.

Independent providers are aids, nurses, therapists, homemakers and other companions who are privately employed by the patient who requires services. These workers are not required to be licensed or to meet any requirements. This makes the patient responsible for supervising or finding a replacement when needed.