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Sleep Mask

Sleep Mask

For years, women (and even men) have worn beauty masks for various reasons. The reasons may be truthful or quirky. Here are the real benefits of wearing a sleep mask.

A sleep mask is a device that’s used mostly at night. You simply put it over your eyes and enjoy a good night’s sleep. When shopping for one, many people try to find unique features for their mask. Here’s what many people look for:

Soft fabric

Okay, so it’s not a new invention, but soft fabric can mean the difference between having a good night’s sleep or tossing and turning all night.


Aesthetics can be very important for some people. Designers have always made masks very beautiful. Today, they’re even more creative. Some have basic designs, while others are more elaborate, almost like lingerie for your eyes.


It is no secret why darker colors are used for these masks. Dark colors remind you of nighttime. Light colors remind you of the daytime. How can one go to sleep with a neon pink mask? Purchase a mask in black, blue, dark red, or any other color that reminds you of the night.

Is it sound proof?

Yes, you heard me. There are wide ranges of masks that offer this great feature. Traditional masks for your sleep only cover one’s eyes. However, what about those that go bump in the night? Your house can be settling or neighbors may be having a little get together next door. Whatever the sound source, it can be very frustrating. Today a mask covers both the eyes and the ears. No more searching for separate earplugs!


Soft fabric is very easy on the eyes — or is it? There are some people who may be allergic to exotic (or not-so-exotic) fabrics. If you are unsure about what fabric to look for, find a mask that’s hypo-allergenic.

A sleep mask used to be pretty basic in both design and technology. Today there are many sleeping masks on the market that provide both features. They also provide benefits to the wearer. Here are some basic benefits:

  • Eye health — if you aren’t tired but your eyes look it, you may be straining your eyes at night or in the daytime while you’re sleeping. If you have tired-looking eyes, you should get a sleeping mask. You will look refreshed and younger in days. Tired eyes make you look sad. Who wants to look sad?
  • No more sleep deprivation — since a sleep mask allows you to sleep in peace, there will be no tossing and turning, or going into the kitchen to get a snack because you can’t sleep. Sleep deprivation is a very serious condition that can affect your overall health. However, a mask may not be all that’s needed. Check with your doctor.
  • Feel better — getting sleep allows you to not only look better, but feel better as well. The average person needs eight hours of sleep per day, but Americans are significantly under that mark. When you get enough rest, the body feels re-energized. If you never rest your body, it may shut down on you. A sleep mask allows you to relax and enjoy the darkness.